Race, Queerness and the Problem That White Queer People Don’t Want To Address

Diary Of A Mad Black Trans Girl

For many, the month of June means warm summer days and the smell of BBQ cookouts. For the queer community, it’s a reminder that the pride parades and festivals are right around the corner. There’s so much beauty in living your truth but there’s a problem that plagues this community. It’s like a open secret that everyone knows but won’t bring up: Racism. It’s thriving in this community but to white queer people, they don’t care. During my adolescence years and into my freshman year of college, I began to realize that I’m not allowed to be both black AND queer. In a space of blackness, I can only embrace my black identity and in a space of queerness, I can only embrace my queer identity. White queer people don’t realize how difficult it is to find a sense of comfort when it comes to queer spaces that are dominated…

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INDG Enamel Pins are a go!

I Need Diverse Games

The community has spoken! We’re going to do a limited run of pins for folks. The way this will work is:

Orders will stay open for two weeks, OR when until 200 pins are ordered, whichever comes first. We will use thestudio.com to fulfill orders, ship to our founder and then she will ship them out to you all. Note: this will not be a fast process, as the order needs to be placed, received and them pins shipped back out to you.

The pin will have our logo design, done by CaptainTwaz.

Profile-Pic INDG logo – Black

We will include a S&H calculator link. Please add that amount to your total payment. Payments will be collected via PayPal and after the order period ends, we will order with thestudio.com

Place your order using this brief Google form. For international residents, the form will give you a ridiculously high amount…

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I Watched All 629 Episodes of The Simpsons in a Month. Here’s What I Learned.


Image result for lisa simpsons sad

The show hates Lisa.

Before I explain what I mean, let’s back up for a second.

Among fans, there exists a kind of Standard Narrative about The Simpsons, which goes like this: the show was at its best for roughly a decade, between Season 3 and Season 13 (let’s call this the Golden Age). Since then – from Season 14 to Season 29 – The Simpsons has been largely awful (let’s call this the post-Golden Age period). In fact it’s widely held that during this latter period, The Simpsons hasn’t just sucked: it’s been essentially a completely different show, which many former fans find deeply unfunny and are happy to pretend doesn’t exist. For a long time, I was one of these fans. Occasionally I’d catch a new episode, and it would make me feel uneasy, for reasons that I didn’t fully understand. In these episodes, The Simpsons looked…

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Thank Gods It’s Sunday: A Spoiler-Free Review of “American Gods”

Geeks Of Color

Thank Gods it’s Sunday. 

That was my first thought when I realized the day had finally come for the premier of the Starz series American Gods. After getting to experience all the great fanfare of the series at SXSW this year and trying (and failing) to get into the screening of the first episode, I knew that April 30, 2017 could not come soon enough. That said, I am going to try my best to provide a spoiler-free review of the series adapted from Neil Gaiman’s acclaimed novel: American Gods.

I want to first start by discussing the visuals of the show. From the moment the show opens, we are provided with stunning, albeit gory, scenes. The way the entire show looks is reminiscent of the “Battle of the Bastards” episode of HBO’s Game of Thrones. Maybe even better, if that’s possible.



The visual appearance of this…

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